Thursday, September 22, 2011

PC@50 Published!

Got this great email today!

Hello Contributors,

As we near the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, I wanted to let you all know that after 3 years of editing and work on the project, we have finally published the book, and your stories will appear in them! The book can officially be purchased on The link is here:  Small Key Opens Big Doors: 50 Years of Amazing Peace Corps Stories: Volume Three: The Heart of Eurasia (Peace Corps at 50). However, as a story contributor, you get a free copy of the book, as we could not have done this without you. If you wish to receive a copy of the book, please send me your most recent address and I will make sure that you get a free copy.

I wanted to extend a personal thanks to all of you for your story contributions and patience during this entire process. All of you have well deserved places in the book, and the selection processes for the stories themselves was extensive and competitive - so congratulations to all of you!

It's been quite a journey for me to be editing this book while I myself was still serving abroad in Kazakhstan and later on all throughout my studies while attending law school - as I read through your stories and edited them, it truly gave me hope in the work that the Peace Corps was doing; even though so many of us were in different countries, we all shared experiences, whether it was experienced in Turkey in '67 or in Ukraine in '05. 

Spread the word about the book, and please keep in touch. 

Thanks again,

Jay Chen
Editor, The Peace Corps at 50: A Small Key Opens Big Doors
RPCV Kazakhstan, '05-'08

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